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2017 Competition Season

Chezy Champs

In September, Sonoran Science Academy’s FIRST Robotics Team CRUSH 1011 competed in San Jose, California at the Chezy Champs off season competition with forty of the best FIRST Robotics Competition teams in the Western United States.


CRUSH left Tucson in the early hours on Friday in order to make the long drive to Bellarmine Preparatory Academy in San Jose, California, where the event is held each year. That evening, CRUSH students trained in the pits and in the stands, and worked to get the robot and our autonomous programs in tip-top shape for the tough weekend ahead. On Saturday, September 16th, CRUSH began qualification matches, and made a good showing in our first two matches, but ran into mechanical trouble which led to a low scoring, heavily defensive 3rd match, followed by two more loses. Sunday would include two final qualification matches for CRUSH, ending in one more loss and an additional win. By noon on Sunday, CRUSH has a final record of six wins and four losses, and had dropped slightly to the fourteenth seed.


During alliance selections, CRUSH was thrilled to be selected first overall by the event hosts and number one seeded team, FRC Team 254, The Cheesy Poofs. This was our first time competing on an eliminations alliance with FRC Team 254, as they had been on the other side of the field for the Festival of Champions. Our alliance was then filled out by FRC Team 696, Circuit Breakers, and FRC Team 5104, BreakerBots. Elimination rounds were up next, with a tough series of matches. Our alliance put on an impressive performance in both our quarter final matches, but faced a heightened challenge in our semi-final matches. A solid performance in our first semi-final match was followed by technical difficulties in our second, resulting in a third tiebreaker match against the alliance captained by FRC Team 973, The Greybots, our 2017 Houston Championship alliance captains. The third semi-finals match went in our favor, and our alliance advanced to the final rounds of the competition. There, we were once again faced with a third, tie-breaker match before coming out as the event winners. 


We enjoyed seeing old friends as well as getting to compete once again with some of the best teams in the world, including teams from both 2017 FIRST World Champion alliances. We continue to be inspired by all of the FIRST teams around us, and are honored, as always, to bring back another win to our school, city, and state.


       Houston Championship

In April, CRUSH competed with 400 teams at the Houston FIRST World Championship. After a few rough matches on Thursday, CRUSH climbed in the ranks on Friday to end as the 8th seed. This was the first time CRUSH has been in the top 8 at the Championship.


CRUSH was selected first overall to join FRC team 973 on the 1st seed alliance. Team 2928, and 5499 also joined our alliance. Our west coast alliance went undefeated in elimination matches, becoming Division Champions and advanced to Einstein Field.


On Einstein, CRUSH had the opportunity to play against truly incredible teams, many of which have been consistent role models for CRUSH. In our 5 semi-final matches on Einstein, CRUSH won 3 matches and lost 2. Because of the alliance's high scoring average, we made it into the Einstein Finals. After two tough matches, CRUSH and our alliance of 973, Greybots, 2928, Viking Robotics, and 5499, The Bay Orangutans, were crowned the Houston World Champions. 


CRUSH was truly honored to bring home the Championship win to our state, city, and school. CRUSH was the first FRC team from Arizona to win the Championship, and one of the few who have made it to Einstein. Much of our success is due to the teams who have inspired and supported us over our 15 year history, and none of it would have been possible without our sponsors and parents. 

Colorado Regional

For the second year in a row, CRUSH won the Colorado Regional

with our alliance captains, FRC Team 1619, Up-A-Creek Robotics.

After a disappointing showing at Arizona North, CRUSH modified both gear and climbing mechanisms on the robot. CRUSH spent much of Thursday working on the robot and implementing these changes. On Friday, we started out strong, and even scored 9 gears in a match! As the day progressed, CRUSH saw many tough matches that resulted in losses. We ended qualification matches as the 16th seed. 

However, CRUSH was selected as the first pick of the first seed alliance, along with FRC Team 3648 from Denver, Colorado. After our rope broke in Quarter Finals 1, we prepared for the worst, but the robot proved it's robustness and needed only a few tightened bolts. After solid wins in the remaining Quarter and Semi Final matches, we were ready for the Finals. However, both CRUSH and Up-A-Creek realized we were experiencing mechanical failures once the match began. After changing strategy mid-match, our alliance became the 2017 Colorado Regional Winners. 


After the robot competition ended, our student, Ruben C., was named one of two Dean's List Finalists. The Dean's List Award recognizes students who exemplify the values & mission of FIRST. The final award of the competition, the Chairman's Award, honors a team that best advances the FIRST mission. As the judges highlighted the winning team's work in their school to expand STEM offerings, their community service efforts, and the expansion of FIRST in Southern Arizona, CRUSH realized we were the team being recognized. This was the second time CRUSH has received the award in team history.


Arizona North Regional

CRUSH headed up to Flagstaff, Arizona for our first competition of the year. After testing until the last moments before Stop Build Day, we were anxious to get on the field to test modified components. After a long practice day, CRUSH was ready for Qualification Matches.


On Friday, CRUSH was experiencing climbing and scoring problems. Our climbing strap was catching in our gears and preventing CRUSH from receiving the climbing point bonus. After a frustrating day, we were ready to come back stronger for Elimination matches on Saturday. 


As the 15th seed, CRUSH was selected to join the 3rd seed alliance with Rookie FRC Team  6314 and Team 1160. CRUSH was excited to work with such a promising new team. After decisive wins in both Quarter Finals Matches, our alliance knew we had a tough road ahead. After two matches, our alliance was knocked out of Eliminations by the eventual AZ North Regional Finalists. After the elimination rounds, CRUSH was awarded the AZ North Quality Award, which celebrates machine robustness in concept and fabrication. Once we returned home, CRUSH was determined to qualify for the Championship at our next event.