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© 2017 CRUSH 1011

CRUSH annually attends more than 20 outreach events in Southern Arizona. Some of our major events are highlighted below.
Arizona Bowl Community Festival

CRUSH annually demonstrates our robot to college football fans at the

Arizona Bowl at the University of Arizona. The Arizona Bowl is a key event

for CRUSH because of the large and diverse audience at the event. 

Tucson Children's Museum STEAM Sunday

For over 5 years, CRUSH has been participating in STEAM Sunday at the

Tucson Children's Museum. CRUSH engages with young children by

offering hands on activities. Children can build Legos, interact with our

robot, and have fun with coloring pages based on our 2017 robot. 

2017 National Conference of La Raza 
In the summer of 2017, CRUSH traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for the National Conference of La Raza Family Expo. Along with several other teams from Phoenix CRUSH demonstrated our robot and team to the hundreds of event attendees. 
                                                                Sonoran Science Academy ​
                                                                                 CRUSH participates in 6 events on the campus of our school,                                                                                      Sonoran Science Academy. From the Spring Carnival, to STEM                                                                                    Night, CRUSH is a highlight at SSA. Additionally, every year on                                                                                    Stop Build Day, all SSA middle and high schoolers attend a                                                                                          CRUSH Pep Assembly where we reveal our latest robot. Many                                                                                      students have joined CRUSH because of these events.