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2015/2016 Season

In 2015, CRUSH was determined to reach new heights. We reevaluated our game strategy and design process with the help of new engineering mentors. Our new processes allowed us to build a robot that was more competitive than ever before, and resulted in our win at the Colorado Regional and CRUSH’s impressive run at the world championships. Additionally, CRUSH spent the year building new partnerships with Tucson organizations, for example, the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind, the

Pima County Board of Supervisors, and the Boys and Girls Club. CRUSH looked back at the legacy and reevaluated its goals in order to build more success and to find a team mission.

2014/2015 Season

This year, the team focused on all facets of the CRUSH image throughout the community. The team image of CRUSH was standardized and simplified in order to promote a unified and understandable image of CRUSH. In the community, this translated into more team recognition and interest in FIRST. This also contributed to others using our team as a role model, which is a cornerstone of FIRST’s Chairman’s Award. At the 2015 Arizona regional, these efforts and our efforts to change the culture were recognized and CRUSH was named the winner of the event’s regional Chairman’s Award. CRUSH was one of the four Arizona teams to ever win this award, and the first from Tucson. Being honored with the award demonstrated to the team that we were moving in the right direction, and has motivated our team’s direction since.

2013/2014 Season

This was the year the CUTIE Program was founded, establishing  an effective FIRST pipeline in CRUSH’s K-12 school. Another achievement of the season was transforming Robolympics, a small, unofficial off season event, into an official off season competition called the Tucson Tussle. 12 teams from across the state competed in this event which helped CRUSH bring expand FRC in the Tucson community.

The Next 10 Years – 2003 to 2013

As the CRUSH team grew in size, it became a well-known name in Arizona. CRUSH became rooted in its school, Sonoran Science Academy, through the class the team created, Exploring Engineering Through Robotics. Additionally, CRUSH built competitive robots, worked to start other FIRST teams, and established its own work-space within the school. CRUSH began changing the culture of Tucson, through outreach events, showcases, and other events throughout the community. By forging strong partnerships with local and multinational businesses, CRUSH became a stable and successful FIRST team.

Rookie Season – 2002/2003

We began creating robots in the fall of 2002, and went on to win the Rookie All Star award at the Arizona Regional and highest rookie seed. At the World Championship, we won highest rookie seed in the Galileo division. It was an outstanding first year, and a great introduction to the FIRST world.

The Team